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Use Graham’s proven strategy to find awesome, undervalued stocks to add to your portfolio in 2019.

Benjamin Graham Stocks in 2019

Benjamin Graham is considered the father of value investing and a stock market guru.

He wrote several books on the stock market, and his investment strategy has influenced some of the best investors in the world - including Warren Buffett.

Graham’s investing strategy is simple:

Invest in companies that are trading for less than their value.

Easy enough to understand right? But actually finding stocks that are priced below their value can be a difficult task.

During his lifetime he identified and invested in hundreds of successful companies, and developed analysis tools that are still used today, including:

  • The Graham Number: A formula used to calculate a company’s intrinsic value.
  • Investing vs Speculating: Graham defined what it means to be a stock market investor, rather than a speculator.
  • The Graham Checklist: Graham compiled a checklist of financial metrics and ratios that he evaluated before investing in a stock.

Our screen focuses on this checklist, and finding stocks that meet the criteria outlined by Graham.

These stocks all have strong financial ratios, indicators of being undervalued by the market, and are well positioned for long-term growth.

We’ve slightly modified Graham’s original checklist to account for changes in the market. But the objective of the list remains the same - To find awesome stocks that are currently undervalued by the market.

Our stock scanner searches the market daily to find stocks that meet the following criteria:

  • Earnings Yield Greater than 7.5
  • Dividend Yield Greater than 2%
  • Low Price to Tangible Book Value
  • Debt Less than Book Value
  • Current Ratio Greater than 2
  • Earnings Growth Greater than 5%

You can use our Custom Stock Screener to change or update any of the metrics in our scan.

The list is sorted by marketcap from low to high.

We update this list daily. Last updated: November 15th, 2019

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