About DiscoverCI

Professional traders have investment teams and expensive tools.You have us.

Some people call us crazy... We are a team of finance nerds on a mission to make the best stock research, stock analysis and stock valuation tools available for everyone. And if that makes us crazy, we are OK with that.

We love investing, and after getting tired of doing the same analysis, and the same valuations over and over we thought... there must be a better way. It turns out we weren’t the only ones...

So we took the excel workbooks, dashboards and good old pen and paper, and packaged them into DiscoverCI.

Our goal is to continue building amazing tools that help automate and simplify your stock analysis. We want to help every investor (including ourselves) win in the stock market.

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Our Core Values

Our users are partners.

When you win, we win. Our users are valued partners, and in any great partnership, the group is greater than the sum of its parts. What’s that mean for us? Our goal is to play a part of your stock market success. We’re with you for the long haul.

Stock market success is for everyone.

We believe investing isn’t just for the 1%. Individual investors deserve access to the same tools and resources high volume traders are using to gain an edge in the stock market. These resources come at a high cost, making it almost impossible for the individual investor to use. We want to change this.

There's a smarter way.

Business Intelligence tools have been providing business owners with actionable insights for years. We believe the big data and visualization tools used in BI can correlate to actionable stock market insights as well. At a price everyone can afford.

We love to win.

We believe in being the best. Investing is a win or lose game, and no one gets a participation trophy. We are a team that is passionate about finding solutions to problems that give you the best chance of winning.

Why do we think DiscoverCI is the best tool for you...

We believe stock market heroes aren’t made after they buy a stock.

Yes. We do know that LITERALLY, your success is defined by stock performance after you buy. But what seperates good investors from great investors? We don’t think it’s a coincidence.

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Your research before you invest makes you a stock market hero.

Success is a product of preparation. Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in the world. And what makes him the best? Well, lots of things (if we’re being honest)... But the #1 thing in our mind is the legendary stock research and analysis he puts in BEFORE buying a stock.

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That’s where the DiscoverCI Platform comes in.

Bringing Big data, Visualization Tools, and Stock Valuation Insights in the form of automation. Researching, analyzing and valuing stocks before investing is no longer a luxury that only wealthy investors can afford.

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Let's win in the market together

We’re ready to roll. Let us help you meet your investing goals.

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