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DiscoverCI automates your stock research by providing all of the tools and data you need to completely and accurately research and analyze stocks.

Fundamental Stock Charts - Apple Inc (AAPL) Fundamental Analysis
  • Pre-screened trade ideas based on hundreds of metrics
  • Financial checklists and performance summaries
  • Visualization tools to benchmark against peers
  • Automated stock valuation models
  • Everything organized in one simple dashboard

Researching stocks used to be difficult...

DiscoverCI makes it easy. Stock data, calculations, and tools all-in-one place. Quickly and easily research stocks before you invest.

Let's win in the stock market, together.

Make Investment Decisions Based on Deep Market and Company Analytics

A Complete Stock Research Solution that Makes Finding, Researching, and Analyzing Stocks Easier Than Ever


Trade Ideas

Finding stocks that meet your unique investment strategy can be hard. We know, because we’ve been there too. Searching through SEC filings, updating excel spreadsheets, calculating financial ratios, and finding similar companies is no easy task. DiscoverCI’s custom stock screener, and pre-screened trade ideas brings all of these data points onto one platform.

Trade Ideas - 50 Highest Dividend Paying Stocks

Data Visualization

Business Intelligence tools provide business owners with actionable insights and reporting clarity. We believe the big data and visualization tools used in BI can correlate to actionable stock market insights as well. Our charts, graphs, and comparison tools help investors identify and analyze trends in the market quickly and easily.

DiscoverCI Software Screenshot - Stock Data Visualization Apple Growth Charts

Discover Company Intelligence

Take action quickly and confidently with intuitive, comprehensive data and research tools

Historical Data

All of a stock’s historical operating results, financial ratios, and stock price history in one place.

Fundamental Analysis

DiscoverCI analyzes financial statements and calculates over 200+ financial ratios. Compare metrics to industry averages and historical results.

Stock Charts

Chart fundamental data points to unlock hidden insights. Benchmark performance against competitors and compare stocks side-by-side.

Stock Picks

Pre-screened stock lists that deliver awesome stocks meeting unique criteria.

Valuation Models

Calculate a stock’s intrinsic value to identify great stocks, at a great price. Stress test valuation inputs to find your ideal margin of safety.

Investment Checklists

Advanced stock quotes that highlight the most important deal makers and breakers.

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