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Stock Valuation Spreadsheet Template

Save time and value stocks easier using our discounted cash flow model excel template.

Stock Valuation Spreadsheet Template - Download for Free

Find a stock's intrinsic value with step-by-step guidance.

Valuing a stock requires the right data, and the right valuation model. Download this template, and use the fundamental data on DiscoverCI, to help you easily get started with valuing a stock using a discounted free cash flow model.

Using this stock valuation excel template, you can:

  • Calculate a stock's discounted future cash flows according to best practices
  • Quickly update the stock valuation model for any publicly traded company
  • Compare the calculated valuation to the stock's current market price
  • Modify the inputs and calculations to fit your specific valuation methodology
  • Perfect your stock valuation model as a first-time or experienced analyst
Discounted Cash Flow Excel Template - Free Download

Ensure you're valuing a stock correctly

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